The Latest Technology Available at QV1 Dental

TRIOS ® Digital Scanner

Maven Dental QV1 Perth, formerly QV1 Dental, is proud to announce the introduction of the TRIOS® digital scanner.

Digital Impression Taking

It all starts with a good impression.

Getting an accurate restoration through conventional impression-taking can be challenging. Inconsistent quality of the impression too often leads to retakes, low clinical and esthetic results, and increased need for adjustments during seating. Digital impression solutions solve many problems by providing accurate impressions from the start.

Moving towards full digital dentistry Digital impression-taking is rapidly becoming the standard in dental clinics all over the world. Digital technologies efficiently deal with even complex clinical situations and provide consistent, high quality restoration results. Taking impressions to the next level 3Shape's Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology represents the next-generation of digital impression-taking. 3Shape TRIOS® unique features include sprayfree scanning, high accuracy optimized for an extensive range of indications, clinical scan validation, online communication with the lab, intuitive Smart-Touch user interfacing and more. Not just a scanner, a complete solution TRIOS® scans allow dentists to work with the lab of their choice and enjoy a wide range of dental indications, lab technician expertise, and a flexible choice of materials. TRIOS® is designed to let dentists focus on treating patients and providing best quality restorations

Better clinical results

Digital impressions improve clinical results and reduce the need for late restoration adjustments. On-screen visualization allows the dentist to make modifications as they scan and easily obtain an optimal impression the first time.

Preferred by patients

With digital impression taking, the patient experiences impression capture that is both faster and more comfortable. Patients' complaints and discomforts related to massive materials in the mouth, long setting times, irritation, and gag reflex problems will disappear overnight.

Waterlase® Laser

The sound of the dental drill and the anticipation of anaesthetic injections can make some people apprehensive about attending dental appointments. Ensuring you are completely relaxed and receive the highest level of gentle care throughout your appointment is foremost to Dr Lim and the Maven Dental QV1 Perth team. To alleviate any anxiety you may have towards dental procedures, we are proud to offer the Waterlase® dental laser.

The main cause of discomfort during a procedure is heat and vibration from the dental drill being in contact with the tooth. Waterlase® technology combines the precision of a laser with the gentleness of water so no heat is emitted and because no part of the handpiece touches your tooth, there is no vibration felt through the tooth, just the spray of water. It is also very quiet so your appointment is more relaxing.

Highly versatile, the Waterlase® laser can be utilised to prepare the gums around a tooth that requires a crown, or to prepare a cavity for a filling. Apart from decay removal and tooth preparation, the Waterlase® makes root canal therapy a much more comfortable and efficient procedure.

The Waterlase® laser also has many surgical applications when completing a full smile rehabilitation, gum re-contouring and bone surgery procedures because it only affects tissue on gums. The Waterlase® laser also "seals" blood vessels, reducing or completely eliminating bleeding during these procedures. One of the main benefits of this is that it greatly reduces post-operative discomfort and promotes faster healing.


One of the most utilised technologies in our practice is our CEREC machine. Once Dr Lim has prepared your tooth, it is coated with a tasteless, completely safe, reflective powder, allowing a tiny camera to display a 3D computerised image of your restoration on a monitor.

Through Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology, industrial diamond milling arms precisely sculpt a solid block of high quality ceramic while you lay back and relax in our dental lounge. Normally an inlay or onlay, crown or bridge would require moulds of your teeth and gums to be taken and be created in a dental laboratory, which can take up to two weeks to complete. Having a CEREC machine in our practice enables Dr Lim to create and place a high quality restoration in a single appointment.

Digital radiography equipment

Emitting up to 70% less radiation than traditional x-rays, digital radiographs can be viewed almost instantly, as there is no film processing required. This is significant in providing you with a more efficient service and our staff with a safer working environment as we no longer have developing chemicals on the premises. Digital radiographs can also be adjusted for colour contrast enabling an exact diagnosis and easier explanation to you of the problem.

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