Neuromuscular Orthodontics Perth

At Maven Dental QV1 Perth, formerly QV1 Dental, we have a selection of options for Orthodontics that may be suitable for you. We currently offer three options for our patients depending on their needs and suitability:


Epigenetic Orthodontics differs from traditional orthodontics in that using mechanical forces to move teeth, a patented removable Daytime-Nighttime Appliance™ (DNA appliance™) is worn during the night, and this allows the body to gently correct the positions of the teeth in its own natural way.


Orthodontic braces today are much finer and more comfortable than the bulky metal brackets and wires used years ago. At Maven Dental QV1 Perth many people are seeing great success using Damon Orthodontic Appliances.

Invisalign® Teeth Braces

Many people who desire a straight smile are reluctant to have orthodontic treatment due to the appearance and impact that metal brackets and wires would have on their social and professional life. Being able to achieve a beautiful smile without compromising your appearance is what has led Invisalign® orthodontic therapy to be the preferred orthodontic treatment of choice for adults at QV1.

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